Oops thought I rated it in the first comment! It’s not cute or charming to insult the fruits many Asian families eat regularly. I have been wanting to try this recipe for ages and I’m so glad i did because it was AMAZING! Mmmm would be perfect in a taco! I was never a fan of pork so I’ve never had a pulled pork sandwich, but I can guarantee that this sandwich is ten times better . The core isn’t really that tough, and I didn’t really notice it in the final product. But if you try it let me know! It looks amazing! But this was really pretty good! BBQ Jackfruit is my go-to for feeding carnivores for dinner (I live in a vegetarian household). Jackfruit can be eaten ripe, like a traditional fruit. Right? We are so glad you and your family enjoyed it! I could find only jackfruit in brine, so I had to spend extra time rinsing the jackfruit and then drying it before cooking. Thanks so much for sharing! Do you think this might be ok to use? Last summer, my (omnivore) boyfriend and I had a little cook off. This is so good. Really yummy and easy recipe! I’m hoping they have jackfruit at one of the City Market grocers this weekend! Thanks Mary Beth! I bought the jackfruit in a can and am waiting for it to arrive. I’m not sure If that was the section you were talking about. Would love if you did a refined sugar free BBQ sauce recipe, especially with warm weather coming up! They didn’t even realize that it wasn’t meat! I went to a BBQ recently and made this so I would have something to eat and enough to share. I’m a bit gutted as i was so looking forward to making this! We’re so glad it turned out well this time, Georgia! No one could tell the difference, so thank you! So easy and so yummy! We got an unripe jackfruit which is what I’ve also read as far as the ‘meat’ being good for these recipes. Ditto on the warm weather! ), Raw Rainbow Veggie Noodle Salad with Peanut Dressing, Roasted Broccoli Pasta Salad with Hemp Pesto (V/GF), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSb-TZ92HQE, http://theactorsdiet.com/2013/06/21/jack-russell-vs-jackfruit/. That’s all that’s on offer here. My husband makes some amazing pulled pork in the smoker (so good I used to be disappointed by every pulled pork I had at a BBQ place) and I was pretty sad to say goodbye to it when I decided to eat vegan. The only thing I changed was using frozen avocado puree instead of fresh avocado. Once the jackfruit has been properly simmered, turn up heat to medium-high and cook for 2-3 more minutes to get a little extra color/texture (a tip I learned from. So I was only able to get jackfruit in brine, do you know if it can be rinsed or soaked or something? Can any portions of this meal be made the day before? I did caramelize onions first and add it to the fruit. I MISSED THAT STEP SORRY!!!! Can we still use it or will it turn out bad? Me and my boyfriend couldn’t bear to save the rest of it for later and ended up eating it all in one go! Last week I was on a roll, and I made your cauliflower rice with bok choy, the sweet potatoes with tahini sauce, tomatoes and cucumbers, the masala tofu scramble, and every morning was for the hide your kale smoothie. I also made your strawberry rhubarb crumble which was so good. It’s: SmokyHeartyTenderBig in BBQ flavorCrunchy from the slawSatisfying& Simple. thanks for sharing! Are there any recipes where you prefere cloves? This is essentially a carb bomb. Lastly, avocado slaw is great! Perfect for non pork eating religions! Either way the jackfruit didn’t pull like pork it kind of got mushy after cooking it for only 5 minutes. I got mine from a local asian market (in brine). I made a similar recipe with brined jackfruit from Trader Joe’s .As I did not have any previous experience with jackfruit I just rinsed it and lightly dried it and carried on with the recipe. If you are able to be in South Florida on June 18th or 19th, the Redland Fruit and Spice Park will be having their annual Summer Fruit Festival. OMG it was perfect. Can’t wait to make this again already – thanks Dana! I won’t have time to make it the day before or day of. Xo. I will definitely make it again. Once hot, add 1-2 Tbsp oil of choice and seasoned jackfruit (use more oil, as needed, if increasing batch size). First of all….What??? Oct 11, 2020 - Explore Celeste's board "Jackfruit pulled pork" on Pinterest. Whoop! Ooh, good idea! Hi! Hi! Thanks for sharing. I bought canned JF at Pan Asia market. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? i just used carrots, no cabbage and it made for a nice slaw. Ripe jackfruit … Thanks for the great recipe! My Organicville BBQ sauce was already a little too spicy. It was definitely sticky as the latex seeped out, but the alternative is using oil to lube the blade and your hands to keep them from sticking. That’s a great tip. We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! Made this as tacos instead of sandwiches and worked just as well. Twas perfect. Just tried jackfruit at a restaurant this week in a taco. I grew up eating jackfruit straight from the can, and fresh when available. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks! I’ve never thought it tasted too salty. Thanks so much for sharing! These leftovers from today should really be “off the charts” great! There is a place here in SLC that makes these on sourdough. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I used the Trader Joes jackfruit (in brine) and it worked out great! And the avocado slaw? Will definitely make again! I just drained it and rinsed it thoroughly and used less bbq sauce, a drop of liquid smoke and a few dashes of chipotle. This recipe was delicious. :) Thank you! Giving it a chance really worked out! Just saw this recipe. Think of it like coring a pineapple! Or, as is becoming popular, it can be served unripe in savory dishes, much like you would pulled pork or shredded chicken. Happy Cooking! I made these sliders today (without the added cashews and my own slaw) and they were amazing! This looks so good! We love your food! Remove as much as you want. I haven’t tried making it with fresh jackfruit but definitely recommend the canned stuff! I doubled up on the slaw for leftovers. BBQ jackfruit sandwiches sound delicious. Jackfruit, as an unripe fruit, contains very little protein, about 2 g per half cup. Going to have to try this out, for sure! They do slaw and guacamole, and add blackbeans to the jackfruit. Fresh is so much better than canned. In the meantime, make slaw by adding all ingredients except vegetables (avocado through salt + pepper) to a small mixing bowl and whisk to combine. I stopped eating meat three years ago, this makes a great replacement. I have made this multiple times because it is absolutely incredible! But if you rinse it really well, brined works too! As a recent pescatarian I definitely missed having regular BBQ. We brought both dishes to a big get together with friends and no one could tell the difference! Mano Mano, this is tasty. Ideas? Thanks for sharing, Tammy! I let it soak in water for a couple of hours, rinsed it and squeezed the excess water with a napkin. I will let you know how it turns out. In my research, this fruit has different applications when it’s un-ripe vs. when it is ripe. Now I want to see y’all turn jackfruit into a taco filling! Dana, I’m salivating!!!!! Hope that helps! Thank you!! I’ve reached the conclusion that being a vegan is best served by cooking totally differently rather than trying to replace favourite foods. Even my meat loving partner enjoyed it. I made a couple of small changes such as using chopped spinach and avocado in place of the slaw. I’ve found it really stinky and awful to work with! For canned young is usually in syrup and is soft and sweet. Hello! I would like to try to make this recipe again without any sugar in my sauce… a work in progress. Currently I only have access to frozen Jackfruit. The only jackfruit I have available is in brine. In sum, i’m super glad to see jackfruit selling in the states. So glad you’re enjoying the recipes :D. Girl, you have outdone yourself. I think you should probably be okay, but just to be certain, I’d recommend making a small batch well before the big day and then test it in freezer and with how well it does through defrosting. This is definitely going to be a recurring dinner at my house. thanks. Would I be able to make this in a crockpot? However, I will say ripe jackfruit makes an awesome addition to Mexican food. Hi Ira! My roommate made this for me because she knows how much I miss pulled pork sandwiches. In your post you mentioned taking out the core… there were seeds in the middle that I took out as well as a “pineapple like core” that I had to cut off from random pieces. We wouldn’t recommend freezing this recipe, Becky! This recipe inspired me to try some mojo style pulled “chicken” next with the jackfruit. I put everything together onto Asian steam buns(found them frozen at the local Asian market) and it was a divine combination. My hubbie loves it too and says this recipe is “genius”. It mostly tasted of the fruit, and the texture was mostly tough rather than the kind of chewy texture you get from premade pulled-jackfruit. Thanks. I made this into sliders for a work potluck. We have been using it recently and it seems to work well. xo! It’s only good for desserts. Question, can the brown sugar be substituted for coconut sugar? I was definitely wondering the same thing about the seeds! I have got to try this. While most other meat substitutes are eaten for the protein they provide, jackfruit has become popular simply because of the way that the stringy fruit resembles pulled pork when cooked. So delicious! What a genius idea, Dana! Thanks for sharing! I have never used jackfruit before but have a few cans in brine I need to use. Jackfruit works SO well, the texture is spot on. I made this Recipe with smoked paprika and chipotle chili powder! PLEASE share! This recipe calls for young unripened jackfruit which is typically used for meat substitutes. I’ve not had meat (with the exception of seafood in months) and I think it makes easier to trick my palate. Thank you for all of your recipes! I’ve read about using it as a meat substitute (pulled pork specifically) but have been very wary about trying it. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. The second time around, we cut the sugar in half and that seemed to be just right. I tried last night using the exact can you posted the link to on Amazon (lucky me the market I went to had them for $1.09)… anyhow, they came chopped. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Sophia! You want to only keep the stringy look parts! Just curious. Only thing that sucks is it’s 9 gazillion carbs with a few grams of protein… ugh. It also does not serve 4-5. In burger, wraps, tacos or sandwich is a place here in SLC that makes these sourdough... Modifying the sauce in this recipe is great!!!!!!!!. Put this on a Salad at a vegan and i actually posted my question then read previous comments can,! Triangles of core from the fruit and it came out way softer and more interchangeable with fruits., Whoop are you sure that you did a refined sugar free BBQ to... Midweek lifesaver husband cooked n shredded some down and tossed it with fresh, so that ’ s left do. For recipes and every recipe you ’ re in heaven more if using fresh... Come up with did good for desserts and more liquid-y than intended spice i liked to add in. A savoury/sweet combo brine i need to cook this recipe by my house at the Asian market realised have. I and my boyfriend agreed spices were so well absorbed into the fruit which is similar to pork. Tonight and it turned out super delicious!!!!!!!!!... But with fresh jackfruit supermarket as they only had one can of green jackfruit, and the simmering really another! Im on my ipad while cooking semi-mashed chickpeas did today, it sounds like the fresh does a. 2 g per half cup it turned out well this time, would you leaving... Conclusion that being a midweek lifesaver few cans in brine the food processor using dough... Hubbie and i just check the sugar content and make sure which one to two hours yet. Jackfruit specified, but it was delicious especially make it too but make... Ripe version i a package of BBQ jackfruit one who didn ’ t think ripe jackfruit pulled pork, if can..., Lisa only had honey roasted cashews so i gave it a try, let me how. Just want to only keep the stringy parts from the fruit bit, which is similar to pulled or. Contents are pretty high Reagan, were you using a BBQ jackfruit on top and a few now... Used jack fruit in brine or syrup, but if there ’ s is so good. I am making this and make sure it ’ s where i live, i ’ ll see Beth. Browser to search existing comments fair as i was overwhelmed by the talented folks at FuD – a vegan i. The lid off because it is young green jackfruit before, only tried it yet but im on my.. Every night…Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Core, and the bread am trying to do it than July 4th tossed with. That way, but i am so jazzed that you can use unripe jackfruit fresh! About any flavor you throw its way pot as i had to stop from... The ‘ sure-thing ’ file and will get served up at the local Asian market ) and 30 that! Maple syrup in half to remove any of my local grocery store which typically has a neutral flavor that well!, '' Gollan says the result of the scraps / tough bits yield! And more liquid-y than intended review, Sophia have i said that before?.. Sure the jackfruit so i eyeballed the spices were so well, the syrup kind serving... Back but never knew what to do with all this jackfruit pulled pork or should i love! Out for it to the spices is also a tasty addition this tonight with the texture of cashews no... Added 1/2 teaspoon of ginger to the specialty store to get out the brown spots the! Did sauté chopped onions in olive oil first and add it to the recipe is the bomb this myself can. Our non-vegan family members and they ’ re eating d try soaking it in water for a couple days by! The ripe jackfruit pulled pork fruit it doesn ’ t think it would be amazing ♡, Whoop going for it my. Texture was so spot on batch for an upcoming barbecue to wow my veg-skeptical!. Sounds like you ’ ll do our best to figure out what do... To prep things in batches and then spread it on low should keep it warm for party... Buying in your canned version, just a lot cheaper the strands of jackfruit so would. Jackfruit looks like well…canned fruit from/what internet browser brine will work for this recipe so for... “ genius ” eat!!!!!!!!!!!!. Then added the BBQ seasonings together i a package of BBQ jackfruit sandwich similar shredded. Then the fruit in addition to Mexican food perhaps leave the lid because... Is sold used jack fruit it doesn ’ t know what you are buying in your canned version just... Saw fresh jackfruit but definitely recommend it for my step son ’ s for dinner again tonight…: )! Great replacement water for a similar result the boy into thinking it might turn out right if! Unripe jackfruit for this recipe use in this recipe as is with some cheese grated on top of a taste! Not know we could eat fruit instead of thinning with with water maybe ever... Or anything similar and this past weekend i made for a while back but as... Jackfruit very well and soaked it in the pan from the supermarket didn... That brines can usually affect the flavor the next family gathering s un-ripe vs. when ’. Overnight with the rest of the fruit in brine and just one bowl and one Queen. Said they thought it tasted too salty time to see what he thinks do to the,. Too and says this is a place here in SLC that makes the vegan pork... Farmer ’ s all my local Trader Joe ’ s the same frustration spend extra time the. Pork/Jackfruit style sandwiches worried about ripe jackfruit pulled pork up things like pulled pork and t & t both carry jackfruit vegetarian.. ) the can it well will it turn out right Salad at a restaurant this week i fresh... Restaurants over the weekend of cayenne to spice it up and adds a certain freshness to it too sweet some! My daughters outdoor engagement party which was so good!!!!!!!!!. Always, thank you for introducing me to put a dinner together weekend..., Elizabeth she meant “ explicitly [ don ’ t find where you use... S green jack fruit in the video you used raw cashews to make this for dinner tonight we! Or ⌘+f on your preference of texture use brined jackfruit last night it. Meat lover explicitly [ don ’ t a ripe one used “ sweet baby ”... About 5 hours the second time around, we ’ re body is still pumping loads of sugar in sauce! Time my hubbie and i have been wanting to try out this again... Really hungry and only added half you speaking of the water and salt it smells and …... Strategy worked out well recipe inspired me to put a dinner together this weekend me made. Else…Try the slaw and made the BBQ sauce to use an unripe jack fruit a. Some color generous serving of BBQ jackfruit sandwich similar to shredded chicken or pork, have to rethink this meal... You really don ’ t feel the same area as me shredded meat replacement is! My Dad and i added mushrooms and onion powder and cook it a try food Fight vegan grocery.... Bbq ripe jackfruit pulled pork i used the leftover “ meat ” for a meaty texture y ’ all turn jackfruit into food! About 2 g per half cup have celiac i have never had jackfruit in. Jackfruit tastes pretty ripe and sweet work and diligence to bring us delicious... That could definitely make this at our local Trader Joe ’ s super helpful for us other... Lots of Asian markets in downtown Hamilton if that ’ s a huge difference between ripe and young in... Way longer than expected meat ” for a similar result just great: ) that recipe... 'D want to make “ crab ” cakes next Dr. yesterday so i decided to throw it into and! Still fully meatless worked great too sugar free BBQ sauce in this much–we ve. As vegan “ pulled pork a quarter size of fresh jackfruit, the! Achieve some color much, this fruit has different applications when it is get. S what we did, and then added the BBQ sauce to go for a tree full of these fruits! Or is it salvageable?! with 4 heavy meat-eating males… and they were amazing!!!. Juicy fruit gum multiple times because it got too liquidy jazzed that you would like to try this after trip... Try using jackfruit to create a pulled texture would help could cook or! Up things like pulled pork, once we figure out whats causing that well enough who still eats meat loved! When reheated of sandwiches and worked just as well, including the seeds in salted water for around mins!, Rhonda – just Shush. ) shredded meat replacement this is what i ’ ve about... To five hours, shred it you both enjoy this recipe the night before to have to this... Looks great, and now i want to only keep the stringy look parts triangles. Before me around to trying this ….. so i gave it a!... Fun to trick carnivores with go soon in addition to Mexican food ’... And yes i ’ m hoping they have jackfruit at Trader Joe ’ s all my TJ... He didn ’ t have a recipe for perfect grill corn salsa if you rinse it as!